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We are a team of BPO experts, AI engineers, and Customer Experience gurus with over 75 years of experience.

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Leverage AI-powered chatbots, messaging solutions, and seamless video/voice support to engage customers on their preferred channels, 24/7.

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Our seasoned experts, honed by over 75 years of global success, are eager to collaborate and tailor solutions that meet your unique needs.

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Ready to untangle the complexities of customer experience and craft a journey that inspires loyalty? BCX is just an email away.


From bustling metropolises to serene coastlines, our dedicated teams speak your language and understand your local landscape.

Let Technology Do the Talking. Focus on What Matters.

Optimize Efficiency with BRAINCX's AI-powered Solutions

BRAINCX’s advanced solutions, like chatbots and automated workflows, streamline daily operations, reduce errors, and improve agent productivity.


Our Customers Love Us

We pride ourselves in Customer Experience and customer satisfaction. The best way to showcase that is what our clients have to say about us.

Zondwa Mandela Chairman, Mandela Foundation

"Tariq and the team at BCX’s are one of the leaders in promoting and securing meaningful BPO opportunities in South Africa."

Roger Pena CEO, GVSource

“I consider Tariq one of the fathers of the BPO industry in India and a unique worldwide professional warrior that knows the industry inside out.”

Romy Ulloa Executive Director, JPMorgan Chase

“Tariq is a great professional with experience in managing BPO organizations and helped us translate strategies into operational excellence.”

Jeff Yentis VP Strategic Programs, Khoros

“Tariq successfully built global operations for Apple. He was a pioneer, launching Speech Analytics to improve CSAT and NPS.”