We are a team of BPO experts, AI engineers, and Customer Experience gurus with over 75 years of experience.


Solutions For The Most Difficult Problems

We are a digital outsourcer solving complex Customer Experience challenges for the largest companies in the world.

The real opportunity with GenAI lies in its potential to deeply analyze data, generate insights, and support decision-making processes…
As our behaviors and expectations as consumers evolve, so must our approach to customer service. In the age of ChatGPT, HeySiri, TikTok, and immediate gratification, reactive customer service channels are no longer sufficient. Discover why proactive, personalized service is the future of customer experience and how brands can lead the way…
One of the most significant pain points of businesses today is outsourcing. On one hand..
We are well into the digital era, and businesses are reaping the rewards in terms of..
When it comes to operating almost any successful business, customer..
Technology is a powerful tool. If you want your business to remain resilient and competitive, it..
Approximately 89% of consumers feel that a personalized experience with their..
We’re closing in on two years since the global pandemic and while the US..
To establish customer loyalty, successful businesses must not overlook the importance..
Exceptional customer service is an expectation. Modern consumers are accustomed to a..
What does it mean to run a successful company? Is it financial profitability or sustainability..
Mr. Alinur has over 30 years of expertise in the Call Center and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)..
Fort Lauderdale, FL – Tariq Alinur is being recognized by Continental Who’s Who as a Distinguished Executive..
Spirit Airlines is set to unveil a new reservations and customer support feature via WhatsApp, the..
One of the key advantages South Africa has over the Nearshore region of course is that a..
Tariq Alinur talks about the intersection of technology, automation and human interaction..
USU’s Chris Rall and Tariq Alinur, CEO of BrainCX, shares use cases from..
We have all become more used to using Teams and Zoom for work during Covid, but are customers..
There has been an astronomical shift to go digital recently, forcing..
Contact Centers were initially designed as a tool for customer relationship management..
The BrainCX (BCX) team has over 75 years of extensive expertise in Customer..

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