Customer Engagement: Achieving Zen with Your Customer Experience

When it comes to operating almost any successful business, customer engagement and customer experience are two critical factors that must be carefully considered at all stages of operation. Thanks to significant technological advances and solutions, businesses can now better understand their customer’s needs, quickly answer their questions and provide speedy solutions to fundamental issues. Additionally, these solutions can be provided all while allowing human agents to handle more complex problems through assisted chats along with phone and video calls. Configuring an appropriate balance between automatic interactions with legitimate human engagement has become increasingly essential, and the experts at BrainCX are here to help you do just that.

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The Reality of Customer Service

Customer service is reactive by nature and will typically only be initiated if a client or customer experiences a problem and needs help finding a solution. Customers are generally unhappy and frustrated in these situations, and it’s typically the job of a business’s service representatives to ensure they receive help quickly and effectively so customers will walk away feeling satisfied. But in an increasingly digital world, customers have developed a strong preference for having problems fixed without having to talk to anyone. In 2021, businesses need to provide a holistic customer experience by providing clients with all of the technology and tools they need to have a compelling experience and get the help they need without contacting anyone.

Going Beyond Customer Service and into Customer Experience

In short, customer experience can be thought of as the sum of everything that a customer sees, thinks, and feels when interacting with a business throughout their customer journey. These factors impact how the customer perceives the company, so companies need to focus on enhancing customer experience during their interactions rather than just relying on old-fashioned customer service. Take a few moments to consider the last time a company provided you with an experience you genuinely enjoyed. That’s a perfect example of a company that has crafted a compelling and memorable customer experience design.

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Use Techniques That Elevate Customer Experience and Create Engagement

A woman making purchases on her laptop, satisfied by her quick and effective customer experience.

Businesses have a massive array of options to choose from to elevate their customers’ experience. There is a range of effective conversational marketing techniques that they can use, including on-site chat functions, personalized emails, and more.

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Create Value for Your Customers Through Interactive Media and Experiences

One effective way to create valuable customer experiences is through the use of various interactive media platforms. While in-person appearances are still an essential element of customer experiences, many people have now come to prefer to engage with companies through digital means and without interacting with other people directly. Things like informative or educational videos, interactive demos, tutorials, and online support materials provide easily consumable content for customers to engage with while also freeing up customer service representatives’ time. These materials can help ensure that customers can resolve fundamental issues and have most of their questions answered without needing to contact anyone directly.

Make Use of Highly Targeted Content

It’s been proven time and time again that customers are more likely to interact with highly targeted, personalized content that appeals to their specific demographics. They are also much more likely to share that targeted content with others in their social sphere, leading to a higher potential for new customer engagement. Companies who want to find success within their respective market and win out against competing businesses need to emphasize the importance of personalized content that matches customer interests. This can be done in many direct and indirect ways, such as customer surveys and the use of smart content and digital cookies that can identify returning users and their preferred content types.

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Create Channels for Customer Dialogue

Three women shopping on a laptop together and enjoying their personalized customer experience.

Companies that want to provide their clients with the best possible customer experience should also establish a wide range of effective open communication channels to promote dialogue between clients and the company. However, not all companies have the manpower to provide a full-service customer experience around the clock. So they will need to rely on technological automation tools to get the job done. To do this effectively, companies need to conduct research and collect client feedback regarding how they would like to engage with the company, such as through emailsvideo chats, or other methods. Once companies know how their customers want to be contacted, they can establish a wide range of two-way communication channels to enhance customer experience. 

BrainCX can provide companies with personalized high-touch customer interactions through video chat and voice concierge-level customer service. They also offer highly cost-effective self-service and messaging solutions for routine transactions that can help promote further customer engagement, leaving customers feeling satisfied and increasing the likelihood of their continued patronage.

Final Thoughts and Considerations

Customer engagement and experience are critical components of a business’s success, especially in this day and age of technological advancement and intense market competition. Companies need to constantly be on the lookout for new and effective ways to communicate with their customers through a wide array of mediums, including videosinteractive demos, and two-way communication processes. Without these elements being included in their plan for enhancing customer experience, businesses are unlikely to see much market success. If you’d like to learn even more about how you can improve the customer experience your company provides, please consider exploring the top-quality solutions offered by the experts at BrainCX to learn how they can help.

Are you looking for effective ways to enhance your business’s investment returns and expand your sales opportunities to find market success? Please explore the wide range of specialized services provided by the industry experts at BrainCX or contact them at  info@braincx.com today.


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