Top 4 Tips for Improving Customer Engagement


Approximately 89% of consumers feel that a personalized experience with their financial institution is essential, and yet 94% of institutions are unable to deliver on this promise.

Today, it’s crucial to find new methods to keep your customers engaged without harassing them or making them feel uncomfortable. While it’s essential to be supportive and offer them your products to improve their lives, your support must not come off as pushy or disrespectful. Fostering this crucial business relationship can be daunting, especially if your company is growing rapidly. However, keeping customers engaged doesn’t have to be complicated, and all you need are key strategies in place and the right tools to help.

To that end, we at BrainCX are here to help you ace this game. In this article, we’ll discuss 4 of the best ways to boost your customer engagement in your business.

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Strategies To Increase Customer Engagement

It’s crucial that you allow customers to choose their engagement channels, so be sure to provide them with a range of excellent video and other digital experiences. Go beyond standard voice options by implementing text messagingchatvideo chat, or social media support to increase the loyalty of your clients. Implement the following 4 strategies to help you increase customer engagement in your company.

 #1 – Provide Relevant and Helpful Content

Invest time and energy into understanding your customers and their needs. If you know how customers use your product, there’s likely a way to leverage that information and help improve their experience. For example, share relevant information that will help them perform their jobs better, especially if their success is thanks to the products or services you provide.

Aim to create content that covers your customer’s challenges and needs, and always keep an open line of communication. An excellent way to provide your customers with relevant and helpful content is by offering them:

  • eBooks
  • Videos
  • Skills training
  • User guides
  • Articles
  • Unique access to members of your team (other than customer services).

The critical point here is to share content and knowledge that is relevant to their needs. Sharing this information is one of the best ways to maintain and increase customer engagement while fostering healthy and long-lasting relationships.

#2 – Use Social Media To Create a Community

Customers are like the holy grail of relevant information and experience, so consider creating a social media community to allow customers to help each other with their respective issues and challenges.  

That said, don’t try to create a social media community and let it take care of itself. If you make a forum, it’s crucial that you are attentive to it, provide help when needed, and be a good admin. 

You can also leverage your social media community to share:

  • Accomplishments/milestones of your company
  • Important information
  • Products updates
  • New courses or programs available

Creating and keeping an active customer community is a fantastic way to understand what needs to be improved or reviewed, inspire loyalty, drive engagement, get a sense of how your customers feel, and acknowledge the effort behind their success.

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#3 – Reward Engagement

You may need to step up your game to get genuine commitment and loyalty from your customers, and one way to achieve this is to put a rewards system in place for consumers. Having a reward program in place for your customers will help keep engagement high, so remember that reward systems are not just for sales teams and partners.

If you don’t know what type of rewards you should offer, here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Award certificates after they’ve completed training
  • Advocate group trips or events where you can have your customers bond with employees over a meal or an activity
  • Offer additional VIP training with a dedicated consultant or specialist
  • Create badges for your customer’s website (and on their communication platforms) showing they are experts on your product
  • Recognize customers’ achievements publicly on your social channels (don’t forget to ask for consent to share)
  • Offer prizes for achievements or milestones.

Make sure your rewards program harmonizes with your product and your customer’s goals. Don’t forget that the best situation is a win-win situation, so be sure to communicate through your rewards program. In case you don’t know what your customers want, ask them!

 #4 – Gather Feedback and Ideas

The truth is that your customers are excellent sources of information that can tell you a lot about your productyour service, and your consumer relationships. They have essential information about what’s good, what’s wrong, and everything in between. Your customers can give you much information about the best areas of improvement for your company.

For example, they can help you figure out:

  • What would encourage them to use your product more
  • What makes your product or service difficult or easy to use
  • What features would be more relevant to prioritize
  • What may require more attention in terms of support
  • What kind of knowledge they lack
  • What challenges they had implementing your product

Make sure you have a consistent way of collecting and reviewing your customer’s feedback. Gathering information through interviewssurveys, or polls is a great way to interact with your customers and let them know that their feedback is essential.

As a business, it’s crucial to have an Analytics and Business Intelligence system to keep track of all the customer data you collect. You’ll get insight into trends, defects, and top contact drivers to help you analyze the information you need for better decision-making. An excellent way to take this strategy to the next level is to implement their feedback into action. Based on their suggestions, let them know if you execute something new on your product or change how your service is delivered. Never forget to show them you care!

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People working together on computers to engage with customers.

Alt: People working together on computers to engage with customers.


It’s no surprise that everyone likes to feel respected, be recognizedheard, and be part of something bigger. If you are able to make your customers feel this way, they will most likely never leave you. Make customer experience a priority if you want to improve usage, customer recommendations, and consumer loyalty and engagement. Your customers will be thankful and appreciate the support you offer to them. If you do everything correctly, your customer engagement rate will undoubtedly increase.

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