Virtual Concierge: The Benefits


Exceptional customer service is an expectation. Modern consumers are accustomed to a world of instant gratification and almost limitless opportunities for choice. And one thing is clear–if expectations fall flat, they will take their money somewhere else. So, what does that mean for your business?

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Finding ways to utilize the capabilities of technology to add efficiency to your service are more important than ever before. And the cool kids are using virtual concierge services to fill that need. We all love personalization, but it turns out that we love accurate, efficient service even more.

What Does a Virtual Concierge Do?

A virtual concierge is a customer experience technology that delivers the right content at the right time. It’s sometimes also called a digital concierge–the terms are fairly interchangeable. The current state of technology has allowed us to build digital systems that are simply more efficient at providing contextual information in a timely manner.

Businesses are using virtual concierge services to provide customers with everything from current updates on flights to capacity information on area attractions and event schedules. While the use of a traditional concierge has been largely in the hospitality industry, this technology-based customer experience is finding new uses in healthcare, offices, and even casinos.

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Who Uses Virtual Concierge Services?

The hospitality industry, which is full of guest experience needs, is the most common place to find a virtual concierge service. From conference center scheduling to local attractions, wayfinding, menu boards, digital advertising, and more, these services are becoming deeply ingrained in the hospitality experience.

Large offices can also use these services to manage resources like meeting rooms. Airlines can use the technology to provide flight status updates and important information. And in the era of COVID, these systems also help share important health information and run portable, digital hand sanitizing stations.

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Why Use a Virtual Concierge?

Putting fancy bells and whistles aside–why are businesses turning to the use of virtual concierge services to fill their customer service needs?

To Provide Just-In-Time Customer Service

The world has been shaped by the digital transformation and the incessant need for instant gratification solutions. Overall we are far less patient than we were just a decade ago. And we often associate waiting with poor service. Businesses that are looking to provide better service than their competitors are looking for ways to adapt and fill the need for on-demand information.

A virtual concierge service offers real-time, on-demand access to content based on user inputs. And with voice recognition technology well developed, these programs are doing quite well at mimicking a conversational tone so that customers aren’t too inconvenienced by talking to a machine.

As a Cost-Effective Service Solution

One of the most obvious benefits of using a virtual concierge system is the ability to provide better service with lower costs. Sure, a virtual concierge system will require a big capital investment upfront. Technology, especially new technology, is expensive. But it’s a drop in the bucket compared to the recurring payroll costs of staffing inefficient customer service workers to provide the same level of services.

To Provide Personalized Service

A virtual concierge service is customizable to nearly any business need. Industries ranging from retail and banking to healthcare and gaming are finding unique ways to utilize this technology and enhance their service levels without relying solely on human talent. While a virtual concierge service may not eliminate the need for service staff, it can reduce your labor costs by taking a significant portion of the work and automating it. Consider how many times your reception staff answers the same questions, and you may find an opportunity to leverage this technology to enhance your customer experience.

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What Can BrainCX Add to Your Company’s Digital Experience?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a team of digital superhero’s at your disposal to pull the perfect customer experience ideas out of your head and articulate them into actionable technology that your business can use? At BCX, that’s basically what we do.

Our team of AI engineers and customer experience gurus come together to solve your customer experience problems. We provide the latest and greatest ideas in innovative technology to power your business because we carefully cultivate a powerhouse team with the right experts.

At BCX, experience matters. We aren’t your average technology provider. We deliver personalized, complex interactions to handle high-frequency contacts in an efficient and effective way using the technology of virtual concierge services. 

Imagine perfectly tuned AI chatbots to respond to customer inquiries around the clock. Or, how about empowering your customers to handle their high-frequency account servicing through responsive, complex digital messaging systems?

And because technology is at the root of everything that we do, we’ll also provide you with detailed analytics on trends and behaviors so that your business can make data-driven decisions with ease.

BCX can provide multi-channel sales, customer service, and technical support for your customer-facing solutions. Outsourcing those services can save you a lot of time and money. You can say goodbye to managing payroll for customer service staff. And along with it, you can replace the need to train and develop your service staff with smart, tech-savvy solutions that power themselves. And when our team does get involved, you’ll receive nothing but exceptionally skilled talent.

Final Thoughts on Virtual Concierge Services

When we talk about virtual concierge services, we have finally reached a point where this technology can mimic human conversation in a natural way. The speech recognition technology is good, and our ability to provide responsive, just-in-time content is changing the way that businesses serve their customers. We no longer have the patience to wait on hold for simple answers, and most consumers prefer some level of self-directed service, so it may be the perfect time to adopt a virtual concierge system.

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